Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a relaxing activity that involves the systematic application of pressure at key points of the body, along with stretching certain muscles, in a period lasting from a few minutes to two or more hours. Many who have had these relaxation services say that there is no better way to achieve a sense of physical peace than a professional massage. At Chinese Massage and Beauty Services, we have a great massage therapist waiting to help you relax.

Professional massage therapy offers the ultimate in physical relaxation. Chinese Massage and Beauty Services is trained to understand the complexities of the human musculature and will know how to soothe the aches and pains that accumulate in the back, the shoulders, and elsewhere throughout the body. There are many different types of massages that one can get to for relaxation and pain relief in Salem, OR.

However, massage therapy is not limited to simply rubbing down sore muscles. It comes in many different forms, each with its own benefits. For certain muscle areas that regular massages cannot seem to provide full ease, acupressure will get the job done. Another popular treatment is called cupping therapy. With this ancient form of natural pain relief, a practitioner suctions a specific part of your body with heat to increase blood flow. Just like acupuncture, this action will provide stress relief.

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