Massage Therapist

A massage involves the systematic application of pressure at key points on the body. Along with stretching certain muscles, some sessions can last as long as two hours, depending on the severity of the pain or tension. Many of Chinese Massage and Beauty Services clients have had this service and say there’s no better way to achieve a better sense of physical peace than an Asian massage from a licensed message therapist from our day spa.

We also give you the option for cupping therapy or reflexology to be able to hit all the key point muscle groups. Your massage therapist will ensure that by the end of your session you will feel stress-free and be ready to take on the days ahead of you fully relaxed. Through our holistic therapy, we aim to enable you to heal through mind, spirit, and body.

For the best results, come to Chinese Massage and Beauty Services. Our spa staffs a fully licensed massage therapist and has the experience needed to deliver relaxation to those in Salem, OR.