Infrared Sauna

At Chinese Massage and Beauty Services, the infrared sauna dome involves a gentle and soothing process to help promote relaxation, detoxification, and improved sleep. This type of therapeutic sauna uses heat and ultraviolet rays to give you a full relaxation process. The infrared sauna can speed up your metabolic process if used regularly.

Some of the benefits include:

❀ Helps improve blood circulation

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

Eases joint pain and stiffness

Burns hundreds of calories

Relaxes muscles and increases flexibility

Deeply cleanses and purifies skin

Reduces pain and fatigue

May help with weight loss

Cleans the body through perspiration

Improves cellular vitality and promotes overall wellness

Infrared Sauna Dome With Chinese Jade Bed (30 to 40 Min)

First Time


Individual Session


Package of 4 Sessions


Package of 6 Sessions